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Hello, my name is Jesse "Cadre" Hansen and I represent a studio of talented and experienced sequential artists, its what we do.

(Note: I'm offering great HOLIDAY and NEW YEAR rates on inks right now as I'm trying to earn some Christmas money for the kids)

With over 40 years of experience and professional credits under our collective belts at comic book and gaming companies that include Marvel, DC, Image, Disney, Games Workshop, Capcom, Blizzard, Wizards of the Coast and
Amazon*, we have seen and done about everything there is to do in the comic book industry. We also have members within our organization that have extensive animation experience, fine arts, merchandising and toy making experience.

Our members consist of long time veterans to up and coming talented youngsters which helps us branch out to all age categories and tastes. Many of us have had our own independent endeavors as well in owning our own businesses outside of the entertainment industry, thus expanding our knowledge and experience in the business world.

We are Cornerstone Creative Studios.

That being said and without further delay... here's our portfolio link to look over, hoping you like what you see and we may work together in some capacity very very soon.

Rates vary upon the talented creator desired for each stage of production... listed range of rates below:

Standard Rates Per Sequential Page:
Pencils: $50-$250
Inks: $40-$125
Colors: $45-$75
Letters: $20-$25
Standard Starting rate for Comic Covers to be Published
Pencils: $75-$250.00
Inks: $50-$150
Colors: $45-$125


BUST SHOT - :: From head to torso.
Tight Pencils only - US $40
Pencils with Inks - US $75
Pencils w/ Inks w/ Colors - US $120

:: The above description is pretty much explanatory itself, isn't it?

Tight Pencils only - US $75
Pencils with Inks - US $125
Pencils w/ Inks w/ Colors - US $185

• Both MEDIUM SHOT and FULL SHOT will features from none to minimum background images, and single character features only.•

* Cover Recreations (inks): Reg. $125
* Character Pinups (pencils) Reg. $50-$110
* Character Pinups (+ inks) Reg. Additional $35-$75
* Inks over another pencillers work: Reg. $35-$125


Jesse Hansen
Jesse "Cadre" Hansen
Currently looking for pinup and/or cover work to ink...
contact me to work something out

Also on facebook, check us out at
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