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Originally Posted by Screwtape Jenkins View Post
See, I don't think so. I think it's only going to take one or two of the big profile, big money kickstarter projects to tank before internet crowd-sourcing becomes synonymous with internet fraud, and the money all goes away.

That won't happen because a handful of fully-funded $3000 comic books ended up tanking. But when a couple of big name producers or game designers disappear with 2-3 million dollars, I think people will get a lot more cautious and there will be a lot less money available.

And the thing is, with big movies and video games, it's going to happen. Even if it's not fraud, it's going to happen. Those are just endeavors that go massively over-budget regularly. Someone's going to burn through millions of kickstarter dollars, come back and raise millions more, burn through that, and then release a half-finished or broken product. And my fear is what will be the fate of kickstarter on that day, which is absolutely guaranteed to come.
In this day and age I think people are smarter than that. If a campaign goes wrong I don't think EVERYONE who pledged will blame KS. Is everybody mad at KS for what happened with Sullivan's Sluggers? If so, that's their choice who they point their frustrations towards.

And besides, people get ripped off- it's a fact- but I don't think in general KS is synonymous with rip-off, unless you have a skewed POV.

Bottom line is it's up to you to buy. In other words just like stuff you buy on-line it's up to you if you buy it. If you don't want to it's your choice- but money made will continue to be made especially in the methods were it's proven to be fruitful. That's just the world we live in.

I want to do one eventually. And I don't see it going away. People will just move to the next biggest thing. KS may go away but I don't see crowd funding going away look at Myspace and now Facebook people will eventually move on but social media isn't going away.

My point is as long as there is a demand there will be supply.
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