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Originally Posted by jeffchris50 View Post
Good ideas, sevens. What about a story with Hellboy interwoven with several of the classic Universal monsters; Dracula, Frankensteinís Monster, The Mummy, The Wolfman, The Invisible Man and The Creature all while on a mission that transports him to different locales AND time periods giving each participating artist a chance to have their own particular arc depending on which monsters they dig. Heck we could even toss in a few of the more obscure UM, as well...
this one.. so far..i think has the best potential. I had suggested some kind of universe jumping thing.. but him facing off against classic monsters could be fun.. as well as any other weird monsters we want. each artist could take a specific monster... and handle that part of the story for however many pages they wanted to make it.

we would need to start the story off on a foot that sets up the concept that keeps Hellboy jumping around from place to place. maybe hes being dragged without his getting sucked thru a vortex? each jump takes him to the next creature he encounters..

being that I have experience with managing these things from the last 2, I would suggest that I can take the opening of the story, do a few pages where the story is set up and hellboy is set upon his adventure...setting up everyone else to do their portion.. this also gives the artist the ability to be creative where we can say...for example.."okay BISHOP, your story has hellboy meeting Frankensteins monster. the only must haves is that hellboy needs to emerge from some kind of portal...and goes BACK into one at the end of your pages so the NEXT part is set up".

this gives the artist freedom to write the encounter visually as the be horror themed..or funny..or adventure, or whatever they want.

and when its all put together with the art, we can have the writers that have wanted to join up script the thing with collaboration with the artist and add whatever dialogue they want.

I like this concept. leaves it open to a lot of variety and fun. anyone else agree...?

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