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Post Pistol Packing Granny

I was converting my blog to script format and sort of fizzled out for the night. Decided to toss in a one-pager just to get away from my big projects for a bit.

Brand new to this so feel free to critique anything about it - would love to have some feedback.

Pistol Packing Granny

One Page Short

Author: Unknown
As re-told by The Graveyard Dog

Scenario: A police officer has initiated a traffic stop and finds an elderly lady behind the wheel. The officer soon finds out that there is no such thing as a ‘routine’ traffic stop.

Panel One: A long shot establishing the scene of an elderly lady behind the wheel of a larger, out-of-date car. There is a patrol car behind her with the lights activated. The police officer is approaching the elderly lady’s door. The elderly lady is digging through her purse in order to get her papers ready for the cop.

OFFICER: (Thought) Greeeeaaaaaaat… a blue hair. I hate stopping older drivers…

Panel Two: A medium shot focusing on the officer standing along side the door of the lady’s car. The lady has retrieved her wallet which stands open for the officer to see as he begins to address her.

OFFICER: Hello, Ma’am. Can I see your drivers license, registration, proof of –

Panel Three: We focus on the face of the officer who is obviously - surprised? Alarmed? Perhaps a little of both. As he points towards the wallet of the elderly lady.

OFFICER: WAIT! Is that a concealed carry permit?!?!

Panel Four: Returning to a medium shot of the officer standing alongside the lady’s window as the two converse.

ELDERLY LADY: Yes it is, officer. I have a .45 in the glove box, a 9 mil under my seat and a .38 strapped to my ankle.

Panel Five: A medium shot of the two, focusing on the reaction of the officer as he inquires about the old ladies need for the weapons.

OFFICER: Wow – that is a lot of firepower. Tell me, Granny… just what are you so afraid of?

Panel Six: A medium shot of the lady and the officer conversing, however this time we focus on the elderly lady’s face. There is a twinkle in her eye and a mischievous grin across her mouth.

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