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Page 1: Night - 7 panels

Pan 1 Medium
Foreground: A man sits at his desk busily typeing on his computer. It's a work den with various bookshelves and office related articles. A cracked (ajar) door can be seen in the background. Moonlight shines in from off panel through the partially opened blinds to the ajar door. The man's face is lit by his monitor. Near the man between the door and the desk is a separate small stand cluttered with a lamp, photos of his kids, the pet cat and family. There is a clear glass beverage here as well. The stand has a decorative woven tablecloth cover that hangs over the sides.

SFX- Tikt Takt tikitytiktiktak TAK.

Pan 2 Medium
Same as above but the "ajar" door in the background is now half open.

SFX - Tiktytakttitktitk TAK

Door SFX- creeeak

Pan 3 Medium
Same as above, the man has stopped to take a drink.

Man- Slurp.

Pan 4 Medium
Same as panel 2.

SFX- TiktktktiktikTAK

Pan 5 Medium
Same angle as above. The family cat slams halfway onto the small draped table and scares the man typing. All the crap on the table teeters. The cat's front claws are dug in for dear life, it's fighting for a hold and the cloth is slipping.


Pan 6 Medium
This panel is devoted to several SFX.


Panel 7 Long
Angle is from the open door where the cat came in. Cat in foreground. This is the big ending reveal and the man's reaction. The Cat licks it's crotch among the debre like nothing happened. All clutter that was on the small table is now on the floor around the cat. The man stands in a "WTF?!" gesture over the cat, his hands clench the air to his sides, a vein buldges on his forehead, his mouth is wide open. He is soaking wet from the beverage that landed on him. The computer fizzles and sparks in the background.


Cat- prrrrrrrrrr....
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