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Simple little one-page script here. Want to see if I have any talent for writing sports in sequential form.

Game Winner

1. Something of an establishing shot here inside of an American Football stadium. The quarterback, wearing number 13, walks up behind his row of down linemen, ready to receive the ball. On the scoreboard in the background, we get all the information we need. COL has 16 points, UT has 21, and there are two seconds remaining in the fourth and final quarter. With a score like that, itís clear that Colorado, the home team, need to score a touchdown in order to win the game. If not, then Utah will leave with the victory.

2. The quarterback is handed the ball through the legs of the center. A close-up is good here, as to not crowd the shot with too much of a 300 pound manís backside.

3. The quarterback falls back and throws a pass, with the ball spiraling right out of the panel and over to panel 4.

4. The receiver, wearing the number 82, collects the ball that the quarterback threw from panel 3. He is forced to jump up into the air a bit to make the catch, reaching up out of the panel himself to make the grab, but he catches it all the same.

5. The defense spots the receiver, pointing over toward him (or rather, the left side of the panel and, thus, the last panel where he make his catch) and running as fast as possible in his general direction.

6. The receiver is cornered by the defense near the orange pylon marking the edge of the endzone, forced to leap over their heads or else be tackled. So he launches himself skyward. It is a mighty leap indeed.

7. The receiver lands face-first in the edge of the endzone, stretching his arms forward and over the line, ball in hand. In the background, the referee raises his arms vertically overhead, signaling a touchdown. He is also puffy-cheeked and blowing quite hard on his whistle.

8. The receiver is carried off as a hero on the shoulders of his teammates, while in the foreground, the football lays discarded on the painted grass.
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