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An idea of which memories move the story forward and which ones do not (or advice on how to tell) can only be determined by seeing the particular story.

I would suggest taking out anything you think is borderline, then read the through the entire story without those. Does it still make sense? Does it still work?

Or start a fresh outline with only the extreme basics, for example: Luke is stuck on a farm - Luke meets old Jedi and learns he has the force - Luke blows up Deathstar. Then slowly build it out from there, only adding what you need to get to the next section of your story. Instead of focusing on A,B,C plots, maybe think about it in terms of acts only until you get everything nailed down?

The best way would be to get a second pair of eyes on it. Have a friend you trust to tell you the truth read it, even if they aren't writers you'll be able to learn from how they reacted. Give them the 15 page version you had and see if they understand what is going on. Give them your 40 page version and see if they are bored or got lost.

There is a reason why writers have editors, why directors usually don't edit their own movies, you get too attached to your creation. I would guess that a lot of what you feel is necessary, is not necessary.
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