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Originally Posted by pandayboss View Post
I love the drama and movement on each page. Really cool building up to action and actual action sequences. Yes, cool flow of story you want to show in this short story. Great art as well.

By I'm still in question why did you use He-Man as your protagonist when you could have made him your own original character and the rest of the supporting cast? The hooded and scarred guy without the He-man chest armour looks awesome for this preview.

hey thanks man. ive been working on these for so long and had the story flow in my head for so long that I'm not sure if they work at all, cause I cant be objective. so its nice to get feedback from people letting me know if they can tell whats going on at all or not.

as far as why didn't I just make these my characters? I get asked that a why put so much effort into something that's not "MINE". basically its cause I wanted to tell this HEMAN story... and show people this story of mine based on characters that we already know. plus it helps to put people eyes on it.
but yeah, its a lot of work for something I cant really do anything with anyway. but I'm probably not gonna anyone to look at my own stuff as it is, and if I'm gonna be drawing a book, I want it to be something that I'm passionate about, having a LOT of fun with, have NO ONE telling me what I can and cant do, and people will look at it because of the name. and if I can get a bit of a following off this then maybe they will follow me to something else if I'm lucky.
I have played with an idea of taking similar style characters and making it an obvious sequel to this story, but changed up enough that its different and not copyright infringement. I may do that after I get done with the big main story, at this point. at least another 100 pages. (but I am also really staging this book to showcase my art as I want/see I could shorten it in a lot of ways. but I want it to visually LOOK how I want it to look.

anyway..hope that makes sense. thanks for the feedback sir.

My art here...for anyone that wants to see..
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