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Originally Posted by Effess View Post
Hey, Rob. I think what you're doing here, in my opinion, is great of you. Now. I didn't exactly know who He-man was until the 2000's "and the Masters of the Universe" cartoon, but I get being passionate about media, and wanting to draw your version of it. I like seeing when creativity is put in large doses to fan type projects the artist wants to make just because it's satisfying. Plus, I understand that doing so is not to just flex that creativity, but to get other fans and possible interest to run into examples of your artwork with the help of an existing group of fandom already looking around. It's why I drew a Bowsette drawing recently. I say wholeheartedly, keep drawing.
Hey thanks man. Thatís exactly what im doing here. Im also having a great time and thats what matters. I hope it has a chance to gain an audience. But im gonna keep on keepin on.
My art here...for anyone that wants to see..
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