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Resizing is just a simple action in Photoshop? Really? So if the artist drew the page with intent to bleed the artwork off all edges, and they disregard live area and trims, placing important art near every edge, Photoshop magically fixes this? It's an impressive program, to be sure, but like most other things, it's Garbage In/Garbage Out.

And merely "refusing the job" isn't going to make that job correct. The next letterer down the line is going to A) tell them the same thing or B) not say anything, do a halfass job, and end up with a halfass printed piece, like pages meant to bleed showing the dreaded "white edges", or worse yet, slicing off text balloons, characters, or something else important. And then everyone loses.

As far as the blame game goes, does that really matter? All blaming does is allow someone to have a smug look on their face because THEY weren't the one to drop the ball. You can say it's the editor/project manager's fault, but if the ART is wrong, the ARTIST needs to be the one to fix it, not the man up top. Since everyone else's work is layered on top of the penciler's initial work, that's where it's most important to be correct. With that said, it's in their best interest to make sure their work is being done correctly in the first place. If they are, no one else will have any issues.

Scribbly, you've already basically said that you make sure all those things are in place before you start working. Kudos to you, you're not one of the horror stories we're talking about.

Lastly, I think as a comics professional of any kind, you should have working knowledge of how the production process works. If you don't, you're missing an important piece to the puzzle. I could elaborate on that, but I'm running late for work.
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