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Marvel and DC and Image are great about sending properly sized artwork.


So is this done by the artist/inker? Are the pages aligned and resized by that person, and then sent on to rest of the team?

What I'm asking is, who's job is it to get the pages into the proper size?


I'm not exactly sure what is your question...but generally size isn't the issue--that is, the actual size of the original art isn't important--it can be pretty much what the artist prefers..but what IS important is the dimensions of the page-artwork. By that I mean the height to width ratio. Comics pages are generally 1.5 times taller they they are wide. 10 wide by 15 tall--or 20 wide by 30 tall (mm, inches or feet)--the relationship is what's important, not the actual size of the original art.

But even that's too general.

If a page is intended to be full bleed, the dimensions are different from a non-bleed, or what I call a standard page dimensions. Artists are notoriously bad at math, I guess--But I don't think of it as math--I think of it as foreplanning.

Plan-layout-draw the page so it looks like you expected it to look like in the final, printed comic book. Lack of foreplanning results in inset panels that are no longer inset, important art being cut off in the printing process, and other compositional errors.

For instance, if an artist were hired to draw a postcard--he wouldn't draw a circular composition and expect it to fill the postcard--a postcard isn't a circle. A circular composition would be placed on the postcard with lots of extra space.

Comic books in the U.S. are printed at a specific dimension--printers in the biz stick to a particular dimension.

To complicate matters, printers don't all conform to the same dimension--but they are all pretty close.

Pencilers MUST conform to these dimensions...IF THEY WANT THEIR ART TO PRINT-CROP CORRECTLY.

If they don't care--they don't care. Seems kinda stupid to me do draw a page for 6-8 hours only to have it print all wacky-like, but--I'm not the artist...

BUT--it does affect my work--that of lettering--I want my lettering to print correctly--so if some dumb-ass penciller comes along with some jack-ass layout that's not thought out in advance, it makes my work look like shit.

I've gone on way too long--for a complete tutorial on what I'm talking about--I call it comics art 101--since every artist should know this before they draw their first pro page (or indy page)--I wrote a tutorial on this very matter because of my frustration with the artwork I receive on a weekly basis.

I'm not even a penciller, But I learned this when was 13 yrs old and and comics fan.

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