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Originally Posted by CMcCormack View Post
Thanks again for helping me work through this, Renae, getting my head around these numbers has been a pain.

I guess I misunderstood further distribution: This Kickstarter would mark the first time I'm printing this graphic novel. I intend to fulifill using books I'm raising money to print, and the rest will be sold outside kickstarter.

So, I actually looked at the quote incorrectly. The total price to get 500 books printed and taxes and shipping to me is just over 7k (I'm thinking about going for 1000 books though because it's only 600 more for twice the books!)

So here's what I have broken down money wise:

Total print cost: 7k
Number of books it'll take to cover that at the average level of $35: 200
Shipping costs of those 200 books at an average $10: 2k
Which puts my number at 9k, plus 10% for Kickstarter: 700
For a total goal number at $9700?

If so, I feel like that's......going to be really really hard to hit for me.

Paying myself for time would be ideal (in which case this campaign would have to be more like...60k or something to make up for all the work I put into it already hahaha) but for the first one I don't think I can do it

All I have on my website are digital versions of single issues, what I'm presenting through Kickstarter will be unique to Kickstarter

Right now my awards are as follows (rough numbers):

Lowest, as yet unpriced: A digital download of a special features book that includes sketches, excerpts of early versions of the script, process material, and the two stories I did in Heavy Metal Magazine which were the origin for the project

10? - (not sure how to price this or if to use it at all, just came up with it) Dead Meat Kickstarter thank you postcard with small sketch on the back

35 - The Hardcover book, the digital special features book, and a DVD of the short films that go with the comic

50 - Book, Digital special features, DVD, Digital soundtrack album download, small sketch inside the book

100 - Book, Digital special features, DVD, Soundtrack download, large sketch inside of yourself as either zombie or zombie hunter, and a thank you in the book (limited to 50)

200 - Book, Digital special features, DVD, Soundtrack download, Large Sketch, Thank you in book, and a page of original art from the book (limited to 10)

300 - Book, Digital Special features, DVD, Soundtrack download, Large Sketch, Thank you in book, and a character in future issues designed/named after you (limit 2)

500 - Book, Digital Special Features, DVD, Soundtrack download, Large Sketch, Thank you in book, any 2 pages of original art or double page spread (limit 10)

1000 - Book, Digital special features, DVD, Soundtrack, Large Sketch, Extra special thank you in book, and you will be retroactively drawn into the comic in a key scene before it goes to print

I feel like I'm giving away some pretty cool stuff, but I wonder If i'm giving away too much too early?

I've got my main site


and Twitter

And I plan on bombarding any websites and blogs etc that I can to get the word out.

Seeing this whole thing started in Heavy Metal Magazine, my shoot for the moon secret plan is to see if I could get Kevin Eastman to write me an intro (after he's seen the book and decided he liked it, of course!)

But a guy can dream...

Thanks so much again

Okay, so here's a bunch of stuff!

I'm going to present a few scenarios for you to choose from, so I can get a better idea of what you're overall goal is, and to show you more options:

Scenario A (what you're currently trying to do): Doing a hardcover version where you have to purchase 500 books from the printer (is that their minimum amt? can you order less?) means you won't make any money for yourself until you reach a certain amount of books sold. For you, it would be around 300-ish books (or around 10K earned overall). It might be a bit less than that, but just for over-estimate purposes. This means until you reach that threshold, if that campaign earns less than that, you will likely not have any money for yourself personally to take care of anything (in other words, you'd be doing everything in your spare time, hoping no extra costs occur), BUT you'll have 200 books or so that you can further sell to turn a profit on. However, this means further time and effort to sell/ship those books. If you can sell all 500 books (or earn the equivalent funding on other rewards) then you'll have around $3K just for you to keep, which you can use to purchase those extra books if you wish.

I worry about the way this is set up because I KNOW what it's like to run a campaign for NO money, and it's incredibly rough. However, I don't know your financial/time resource situation. if you're able to give the time and are able to cover any extra expenditures that could arise if the campaign goes under 10K, then you may as well go for it

Scenario B: If you went a POD route for a softcover book (lets use for the example) It's $9.95 cost per book, but you only have to purchase however many you sell, meaning you can run a SMALLER campaign, and in the end earn yourself some actual money. For instance:

a 6K campaign would garner you between $2k-$3K IN POCKET for your creative costs. Anything earned more than that would garner you the same ratio in-pocket (10K campaign would be $4k-$5k in pocket).

You would not have extra books on hand unless you order them, but just my opinion; the energy spent on selling extra copies is better spend creating another book.

This scenario is for a slightly less cool book, but money in pocket.

Scenario C: If you went back to a Grayscale book, you'd be in even better shape. The sepia is cool, but the end result is you're paying and charging for a COLOR book, but still have the effect and value of a black and white book (not a comment on the worth of toned books, just how people in general view these types of books). If the book is sepia toned, people will expect to pay B/W pricing, but you're having to charge higher for your rewards because you're paying higher printing costs. The higher pricing for sepia print on this type of book may turn some people away.

If you went Grayscale, your costs would only be around $5-$6 per POD book, and you could offer a cheaper book to the public that would garner more buyers (IOW more of an audience to follow your NEXT campaign)

Anyway, those are just some options for you!

As per your rewards:

1. Overall I suggest wording things differently. If you're including all of a previous reward, it's best to choose wording like "including all of the $__ reward". This allows people to quickly see the one thing they're purchasing a higher tier for, and gets rid of the static, cluttery words from previous rewards.

2. Your $50 and $100 sketches are WAY TOO CHEAP!! Charge at LEAST at the $150 or $200 levels for sketches. If it's just a quick doodle (like really quick) then $65-$100 is okay. Especially if you choose the hardcover campaign, then you'll likely have to spend a lot of time on a lot of sketches, for no money.

3. I will suggest a sketchbook again. It's a cheap and easy way to include another physical item to backers with some cool content (sketches, script, anything)

4. If you only are giving 2 cameos, bump up the price to $350 or more.

And I hope you don't think I'm silly for saying this, but the DVD is a REALLY cool addition to your book, but the general public may not care as much for it unless they can get behind the main BOOK first. So your video really has to sell the story,atmosphere, or whatever it is that makes your book special. If they like the book, THEN they'll be interested in the extras. Overall, I suggest focusing less on selling the extras, and concentrate your selling efforts on the book itself. Trying to sell a person a Book AND movies AND soundtrack as the core reward can be a bit confusing as to what they're supposed to like most, so make it easy by focusing efforts on the book.

Kevin Eastman: That would be awesome! Have you just asked him? I bet he'd do it.

Hope any of that helps Whatever you choose, I think you'll succeed.
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