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Originally Posted by Renae De Liz View Post
Hi! Of course I know all about you! Ray has talked about it a bunch! I love your work, btw!

GN's generally will sell better than single issues on KS, but a single issue is fine to start with. However, if you have content that runs over 48 pages, you may as well do a small GN (look at Fairy Quest by Humberto Ramos on KS). Single issues are pretty expensive to print unless you got a deal somewhere, and GN's will generally fit into the most sellable bracket ($25) better than a single issue, and most people prefer GNs over multiple single issues as well.

Raising creative costs for an entire GN usually means a pretty large campaign. If you have Ray's art and a GREAT video and layout, I think you could do it, but of course the higher the funding needed, the more risk that it may fail. A single issue would be an almost for sure thing, but less money overall earned. It depends on how high you want to reach.

Artwork for a KS, you will need SOME art, but you don't need the whole issue. Basically to start you just need iconic images for the video (maybe just select panels), and maybe a couple pages of the most interesting part of the book. Just be sure to make that video REALLY good if you're going for a GN.

If you don't need that funding for #1, then you can use that money raised to put towards #2 if you want. You don't need to offer the second issue as a reward, I think backers would be happier not having to wait for a second issue anyway. Just say you're raising funds to help kick-start the series (which is true), and offer #1 as the core reward (assuming you go for the single issue)

Pre-Kickstarter: For a few weeks before the KS make sure you have as many social sites for your project (Twitter, FB, Tumblr) as well as a main site (could use blogger for that) established, and start gaining attention/followings for them. Do this by following a LOT of people on Twitter and engaging with them, and putting up Facebook ads (if you can afford it) to start drawing attention and followers to the project. Try to start out with a strong piece of art, then a few weeks before the campaign, have a piece of art to put out every few days (images made for the KS campaign is fine) to keep up interest. Let people know you'll be launching a campaign soon, so people are aware of it.

Also contact as many news sites/blogs as possible (doesn't matter if they have a large following or not) and ask if they'd be interested in posting an interview/article about your project. Have a few come out before the Kickstarter, but you want most of them to hit right in the first few days of the campaign (those are the days when you'll see the most activity). You could also try making it known on your sites that if anyone is interested in highlighting your project on their site, you'd love to put links in your book for them (include a special page just for their links).

During the campaign, there's more to do, but most of the work comes with starting everything up.

Basically, the two things I've seen work wonders are A) Facebook ads; and B) magically getting retweeted by someone with millions of followers. Not just them hitting RT, but actually posting about it personally.

I hope all of that made sense!
Thanks Renae that's very helpful, means a lot!
And indeed you are very patient!

All the Best!
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