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Alita:Battle Angel live action movie.

Man,Hollywood's at it again with trying to take another slice outta the manga/anime pie with their newest adaption flick,Alita:Battle Angel.

Here's the trailer.

And I thought we'd had enough with the recent live action Ghost in the Shell movie,which imo was okay,but the original anime movie and manga were always way better.

That,along with their live action Speed Racer and Fist of the North Star,all the other Hollywood attempts at anime were pretty stink-worthy,especailly DragonBall Evolution,ugh!

I mean,I even heard they may do an attempt at AKIRA. What's next Sailor Moon and Pokémon? Gah,I hope not.

I should probably look into the original manga and/or anime of Alita,before I get to see this.

Anyhoo,what do any of you think of this and what's your thoughts and opinions on the real Alita? Feel free to share.
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