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Originally Posted by eDuke View Post
I'm probably the last guy on earth who would be good for this type of book. I'm just not a fan of new mainstream comics. I get that there are lots of people out there that love the ultra-realistic style of art we're seeing nowadays (and I'm not saying it's bad) but I lean more towards the stylistic type of art from older comics.

As far as DWP is concerned, I did a lot of thinking on this because I do want to bring it back, but I want to avoid all the bad experiences and financial burden I had with it in its first go. I love the idea of creator-owned and I believe everyone should focus on getting their ideas out there. Nowadays we're at a point where people can just post their creations online or do print-on-demand, I don't think there's a need for a collaborative anthology like DWP was.
so how about a book where people submit their already completed works... 8-10 pages max, adheres to your guidelines of acceptable content.. etc..etc..
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