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Originally Posted by eDuke View Post
Here are my thoughts; going all digital is something anyone can do on their own by utilizing a website or forum. Also, even though ComiXology does eliminate printing costs, there's still quarterly accounting that someone has to do and I would pity the person that has to figure out how much each contributor gets and ultimately be the one filing taxes on said sales. There's just too many things going against it.
Not much to do but evolve somehow.
Keep the existing threads but make a showcase thread that you and some admins curate. Stuff that gets some buzz. Find a way to have a thread that can post to Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and draws it back here and the job boards. Like a DW Showcase thread that blasts to the entire internet.

Not so much a popularity contest by admins, but stuff that's genuinely gaining interest on the boards. Build up the interaction if that's even possible anymore.
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