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montezanderson1 will become famous soon enough

I like your rendering, line work, and upper-body anatomy but your layout and composition seem to be odd. His lower body also seems to have different sizes on his thighs. His posture is not very dynamic and he seems to be leaning on something. I first thought he was leaning on a chimney in a type of casual pose but then the "chimney" appears to be a building in the background or something oddly placed off the side of the rooftop. It's not a good overall idea to cut off the figure at a joint like this is at the ankles.

I look at the top half only and think "Awesome" and then I look at the overall piece and think "huh". I believe you have done a LOT of things right so don't take this badly but there are enough things that distract from your piece that it doesn't stand out as much as it could.
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