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Good stuff over-all, but I do have a few things to point out.
Picture 1- Horns are too small compared with the rest of body. Lower Jaw is set at a weird angle that doesn't flow well with the rest of the face, the hand in the foreground looks like it only has four fingers, and the shoulder doesn't look right if the shoulder pads were removed, it's floating away from the rest of the body.
Picture 2- Front leg of the horse/Donkey is incorrect (a horse's leg would not bend that way.) The ears are too long. The jaw line on the animal is goofy. The perspective from front to back on the horse is wrong.
Picture 3- The head is set too far back on the body. The ears are not proportionate to the rest of his face. His eyes need to be set further into the skull to add depth. Again watch your anatomy on the shoulders when drawing shoulder pads...if the pads were removed his arms would be hanging way too low.
I hope that some of this helps. I know it sounds like I'm nit-picking, but it's the small details that make the picture.
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