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Hellboy follows a demon into the Marvel U and the demon possesses the most powerful being on earth... who turns out to be a skinny little scientist. Just as Hellboy thinks the exorcism is going to be a cakewalk puny Banner transforms...

Cue the epic music and the action scene.

Unknown to both of them, the demon was summoned to the Marvel U and led to Banner by Dormammu; who is observing the fight and waiting to see which one wins so he can come down and take out the other, allowing him to posses both the Hulk and the Right Hand of Doom.

I haven't thought up a conclusion yet but I see Hellboy defeating the Hulk through some mystical means, both of them getting captured, and later on both working together to escape imprisonment and stop Dormammu.

Since both characters know what it's like to be persecuted for being a monster, there will also be some character development where Banner makes some manner of peace with his other self, and Hellboy understands that even if he was able to transform into a human like Banner, he would still be feared for who he was and, as he leaves to go home, thanks the Hulk for this knowledge.
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