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Create a circle with the cirlce tool.

If you want to square it off just a little bit, convert it to curves: ARRANGE/CONVERT TO CURVES. Select the Shape tool (the node editor) and click anywhere on the circle. You'll see the 4 nodes appear. Select one of the nodes and while holding down the CONTROL key, Pull on the node "arms" that appear. Repeat on the node on the other side.

To create the tail: Draw a triangle with the Freehand tool. Select the Shape tool again, select the triangle and when the nodes are selected, you can click the CONVERT LINE TO CURVE button on the menu at the top of your workspace. Then just grab the lines that you want to curve and curve them.

To connect the tail to the balloon, place the tail on the balloon, select both with the Pick tool and then hit the WELD button at the top of your work space.

It sounds way more complex than it is. Takes all of 5 seconds when you get used to it.

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