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Originally Posted by JoieSimmons View Post
Make a Choose Your Own Adventure Comic. Write one comic and give people the chance to start there. Write their own part 2. Once the other parts are done, people can write their own continuations of the new parts, or keep going from what they've already done. One part one that branches off like a tree. Anyone can do whatever they want with it.
if I may chime in on THAT Idea, for anyone that remembers the group projects we did, the first xmen book was set up that way. and while it DID produce some neat ideas and concepts, by the end, the story had gone off in all kinds of crazy ways that made it more and more difficult to keep track of and make sense of.

that's why the hellboy format worked, there was a basic concept that everyone needed to adhere to but gave plenty of freedom to do almost whatever they wanted.

so...just saying that the idea, if im understanding correctly, of having a continuing story that people just add whatever they want and then the following guy adds whatever and the next guy adds whatever could potentially turn into a nonsensical mess. SOME structure was/in needed.

my 2 cents.
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