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group project SIGN UP

so here...I would ask that anyone interested in taking part in the project list themselves so I can see who wants to contribute, rather than filtering thru the discussion thread where we are talking ideas.

a few points:

-so far, the idea that I'm leaning towards and seems to have the most support is HELLBOY. he will be in a story where he is getting sucked thru/jumping thru dimensional portals taking him to various times, places, events.

-this is set up so YOU the artist or writer can have him run into whoever you want him to. it was suggested that in keeping a horror theme, he run across classic Universal monsters or some variations, or some other monster type stuff you would normally associate with HELLBOY.

-however, I will not be one to stomp on creativity. I don't care who you have him meet. Garfield? great. Scooby doo? fine. Dracula? go for it. Ron Perlman? THAT would be funny.

-all you will NEED to do, to have the story making some kind of sense, is have it open with Hellboy coming OUT of some kind of energy portal, and when done, he needs to go back into one so he can be deposited out wherever the next artist is gonna have him go.

- LEAVE YOUR NAME, WHO YOU WANT TO HAVE HIM MEET (unless you want it secret or something) and WHAT YOU ARE GONNA DO.
like...PENCIL?, INKS?, colors? are you gonna put words on it(letter it)? if you cant letter, maybe we have someone that can help. if you DO need help lettering, will you provide the script of whats being said of would you like a writer to script it for you?

-if you are a writer only and want to contribute, we need to see if we can find an artist for you or if you have one networked for yourself to help. I know this is a DW project, but seriously, bring in outside help if you want/need.

if this sounds like something you would like to do, please reply here with your interest, how much you think you want to do(how many pages, need a writer? etc etc etc..)

PM me with any questions.

this is purely for FUN. so make it as fun as you want. BUT I DO want to see it thru to the end, so I'm taking it seriously and I hope everyone else will.
if all goes well, we will have a fun neat project to look back on.
that XMEN one we did back a while ago had 40 PAGES in issue 1 and like 25 or so in issue 2.

thanks to everyone that wants to take part.

My art here...for anyone that wants to see..
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