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I am pretty familiar with your work so I know this is slightly less stylised approaches of yours I guess one could say. I like this style. It reminds me of the Mad Mag approach.
Lets look at the drawing. what jumps out at me is I am not convinced that the pose of Lex has been explored enough. I am not sure what should be done with it because I can not tell what you are going for. It seems too nebulous.
Even if the pose is right Lex also has too much going on with folds of his clothing which is distracting because you are trying to focus on the little sliver of face we can see. All those lines especially the lines cutting through or going against the flow to the face and distract from the focal point with their busyness as well as not conforming to how cloth works.
Super has some issues with anatomy around the arms and shoulders. Needs a little shaking out to find how it works,
Now you might ask, how does one shake out a drawing? Here is a little trick that Harvey Kurtsman did. Tracing over and over. Today we can use layers on the raster editor of your choice.
What I do is do the rough layout and while it is in the gesture stage I just erase. An arm or a leg are just one or two quick line so they can be changed quickly wiped and replaced quickly. As I get to a more complex stage I start to use a new layer and make a slightly more polished version and also for checking pose tweaks. If I think the head needs a little different tilt or what ever I dim the old layer and try the new head tilt.
After going over the drawing may times, many of the issues going on with this drawing can get shaken out. Harvey did ten or fifteen layers quite regularly just to get the pose right. I use more than that at times
This process gives me a chance to explore things like anatomy issues and pose options which I think any cartoonist should be concerned with as well as getting a clean rendering. That little tilt of the head can really sell something sometimes.
You have a few different approaches to style and this being more geared towards realism it requires more attention to thing like poses because people are more able to see the things that are out than they would be with totally stylised approach. You have a good sense of character so I am sure you can figure this sort of thing out.

Now some about your colouring and rendering.
The colouring is blotchy and not organised. the values are haphazard.
I am not sure what is going on with that green for instance. It seems to be a light by the reflections on the figures but it is not bright enough the be lighting anything. The green reflection on Lex make no sense. If that was a light source that green would be the predominant colour on the side of Lex that faces it.
Another issue is the saturation and values of the reds of Super’s suit and the back ground. You have the back ground darker and more saturated than the focal point[Superman]. This makes superman drop back in the image and is lost as the focus.
You have a complimentary colour scheme which is good but the red and green are same the saturation and value which makes them compete with each other and ends up making the image flat and over done at the same time.
I would like to see this fully inked. You have a great graphic sense and I think you should use that more. Get those shapes clear and define them well with an inked line and shape. You can fade them out later or colour them if needed. Right now they are inconsistent so the effect they have on the picture is different in different areas. If you are going to use pencil rendering be more consistent. I like your inks.
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