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SSTiger will become famous soon enough

working on your selling document, no?

Answers the questions of WWWWWH
Someone noticed! Woo-hoo!

Really, my only major worry is your use of space.
If you deliberately planned your story to end at 8 pages (e.g. for competition / submission rules) then I think it could be seen as a little thin.
It was written for submission, yes. I was planning on revising it a bit anyway after getting some feedback, because submission guidelines for most companies ask for only five or six sequential pages (Dark Horse specifically forbids you from sending more than six pages) so it's actually good news that I'm using too much space - I can shorten page count without editing down the story.

Panels within a panel are called insets.
I actually did not know that. Learn something new everyday.

I said ellipsis (...), more on this at because it felt more appropriate than a dash in these panels. Nahga seemed to be...

continuing his sentence in the next balloon rather than abruptly interrupting himself.
Got it now and you're right, he's continuing his narration. The link was a good read too.

Man, I miss prime Jackie Chan.
I do, too

Big thank you for the suggestions and the review.
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