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so, NEW DW group project?

so..this was brought up by myself in the CHIT CHAT area while reminiscing about my time here..

and a few others that took part suggested that maybe we could try again.

so for those who don't know or don't recall, starting back in 2014 we did a big group XMEN project here where the artists here created an xmen book. I cant recall exactly but the first issue was like 25 pages or something like that. about a year later we did part 2 coming in around the same all maybe 50 pages by some really great artists here.

I'm at my work computer right now and cant look up the past links to those threads. but anyway, it was quite a bit of fun.

it was suggested that we do another one. though this time we would choose a different subject matter. it was suggested that we leave the big 2 publishers behind this time and do a more indi character or two. it was also suggested that something like SPAWN/HELLBOY be the subject. that's good enough for me, tho I'm not a huge Spawn fan anymore. but it can still be fun. visually fun as hell to draw.

SO...would anyone be interested?

ill throw in my 2 cents based on my being the guy that managed the last 2 projects over several months each.

I think its best, and I again offer to be, having ONE guy be ultimately in charge of the story and coordinating the thing. the reason I suggest this is that with the first issue I let people do whatever they wanted story wise in the pages that they were following. that made for some fun ideas, but overall it left the story going off in all kinds of directions that were really hard to follow up on and wrap up. and I would like it to have SOME kind of narrative structure.
so basically, I would write the plot and hand out the pages needed to every artist that want to participate depending on how many pages they wanted to do.
my plan is to keep it visually easy to draw but fun to make exciting visuals. so no big cities or cars or crazy shit. this would be a kind of small self contained story with SPAWN/HELLBOY (if that's the route we chose to go) and maybe 2-3 supporting characters.

I already have a story/plot in mind. personally, I would maybe rather have someone different that SPAWN, like maybe SAVAGE DRAGON. tho spawn and hellboy would make a hell of an interesting combo that do kinda work together. I just like Dragon better than spawn. hell...maybe all 3 could be in the book.

I have ideas of dark magiks being done, summoning's, conjuring's, cemeteries, heavy shadows, maybe even set in winter as well.

the book could be written intended to be a silent book. like Frank Millers Silent Night one off book from years ago.

anyway...these are just my ideas. I think it could be fun AF.

I also had an idea of us creating a whole NEW character that is kinda a Digitalwebbing character we can all own/none of us own to use as we want. but maybe that's to much. I don't know...

I am open to ideas though. character suggestions. story suggestions. but in the end, ONE person has to kinda run the ship and others have to follow along to keep it flowing and making some kind of sense.

if someone ELSE would like to be the overall manager of this thing and run it, I will step aside if needed. but to see it through the end, there is a lot of emailing and communicating clearly and it could take 2-3 months. at best. so if someone else wants to take this on, be prepared to commit to it.

ANYWAY...that's a long explanation anyone else interested? I know a few of you were/are.

so ...let me know guys. lets talk ideas.
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