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Exclamation GALACTIC RODENTS OF MAYHEM - It's TMNT meets STAR WARS... but with capybaras!

Yes, you heard right! Capybaras! Bounty hunters at that!

GROM is a fresh new graphic novel project inspired by the good ol' stuff! A deep space Sci-Fi action-adventure guaranteed to capture your heart and throttle your bones!

It's all the goodness of Saturday morning cartoons from the 80's and 90's, but on roids, and mashed up into 110 page graphic novel! We're currently crowdfunding on IGG

If successful, this will be my 7th crowdfunded campaign! This is by far my biggest and most ambitious project to date! Please consider backing or sharing if you can!

After a hefty $100 million bounty is suddenly put on their heads, BASH, RIPPLE, & MONA-LISA embark on a deadly cat & mouse game of survival that pits them against the menacing DARK RAIDER!

A WORK IN PROGRESS PAGE - By joining TEAM GROM, your support helps us tell this story!


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