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My concept for Wise is he is a ‘smart loser’ he will usually end up getting the short end of the stick. There will nearly always be a downside to his upside side. As such I want unreasonable things to happen to him. That is only the concept however and I will look at making a story with it for the rewrite.

I have to say I am surprised by the reaction to the 3x3 grid layout. The suggestion seems to be that only Alan Moore is allowed to use it. My reasons for the layout are in no particular order:

Story real estate. The end goal is to have a comic, not just a well written script. To do that I will need to pay an artist. Realistically I can only afford to pay for 1 to 3 pages. I mean to put these short strips up on a tumblr page. It’s not an original plan, it may not even be a good plan, but it is a plan.
[I actually have an artist working on another 3 page script of mine at the moment. This was before I was told about comixtribe. Not sure what the etiquette is regarding getting script edited after I’ve given it to an artist.]
I felt that 9 panels maximised the space available. The fact there is padding/bloating in the script to me means I should look at more story and/or one less page.

I was playing around with a number of 4th wall ideas, such as Wise swinging from gutters into panels below the 3x3 grid made most of those ideas possible. In the end I put most of those ideas to one side.

I like the 3x3 grid it is very adaptable.
I am going for a certain ‘look’ and the 3x3 grid is part of the ‘look’.
I am willing to accept that the 3x3 is a mistake, but it is a mistake I am not willing to give up on just yet.

DarkHalf05 – Yes I read those books a lot in my youth, I wasn’t thinking about them when writing, but subconsciously? Who knows?

I wanted to ask more about the flashback. Must flashbacks have voiceovers? My thought was that by having Wise tell the reader the flashback is starting and at the end to say it was finished (is book-ending a phrase in the visual language of comics?) it would be clear that these were events that had already occurred, with Wise at the end explaining the meaning.

I can see now that by having the voice over I wouldn’t need Wise to explain the flashback, which would free up a panel.

(I was even playing around with the idea of a flashback in a flashback at one point)

Thanks to everyone for taking part in this conversation/review of my script.
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