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Individual stories would be a lot less by way of headache; especially since this time each story can't pick up where another left off, like Monster Mash did. Any kind of "crossover" type storyline would need at least a few simultaneous events.

I vote for the Individual Stories idea, with the Time Anomaly Morg suggested as connecting link. Each story needs to be a self contained with its own villains/problems from the rip in space-time - Dinosaurs, Nazis, whatever - with only one or two stories dealing with the CAUSE of the anomaly. That would allow for characters from the past to appear in the present - and if we're planning on making this a regular thing, creators can choose to leave those characters "trapped" in the present, to continue the story for later issues.

Maybe the time anomaly is also opening rips in the multiverse, bringing all these characters together to a single canon/continuity? In case we do a crossover in the future.
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