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Originally Posted by SSTiger View Post
Okay, here are the credits that are going on the inside cover/contents page. I need everyone to take a look and tell me if you want to be credited differently than listed here.

NOTE: Some missing information that I need I've marked in red.


By Rob Norton & Chris L. Weppler

Creatures of the Night

By Robert Saunders

Hell To The Queen

By Bishop Bowie

If This Be My Cigar

By P.B. DeBerry & J. Simmons

UNTITLED --> Duane, I need a title here!

By Duane Korslund

Hellboy & Hulk: Monsters

By Sahith S. Tiger & David Hutajulu

Hellboy No Cry

By Effes --> No name/alias? Sure about this?

Hello Mister Wolfman

By S. Evans

Sympathy for The Devil

By Eduardo Savid

Hellboy Meets Vampirella

By John Norton

END --> Rob, maybe a conclusion title here?

By Bishop Bowie & Rob Norton

Letters By

Robert Sanders
P.B. DeBerry
TJ Studios
Bishop Bowie
Eduardo Savid

Project Lead
Rob Norton


I've seen some comics credit letterers as "with" - as in,

If that's preferable to you guys, let me know.
I can confirm pretty much that EFFESS just likes to be credited as EFFESS. He didnít want to provide his name on the last 2 projects either. Its just how he rolls.
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