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Originally Posted by JimCampbell
Illustrator CS5 update:

Fortunately, I only installed this on my laptop first, to give it a couple of spins round the block before putting it on the desktop machine.

Here's a little wrinkle Adobe have thrown in…

One of my clients wants live .ai files from me, so I need to be able to save back to CS3. No problem -- CS5 offers that option and the files do, indeed, open in CS3.

Except that the crop area has been deleted.

Some of the books I do for this client are close to 150 pages… I'm sure you can imagine the reception I'd get if I said "Oh, I've finished the lettering, but you'll need to recreate the crop areas on 150 pages."

So that's a deal-breaker for me until I can find the time to investigate properly and figure out if there's a workaround.

Thanks a bunch, Adobe!


A simple workaround solution is to add a no-stroke/no-fill box that lines up with your crop area. The way it had to be done in the CS3 days to get it to work at all.
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