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I just wanted to throw in some thoughts about the bleeding arm.

When I first read "His cut arm is flung to the side. We can see blood flying through the air." I actually thought the Pastor had used his badass knife to slice all the way through his arm, with the severed piece flying through the air. Given that the knife has mythical value, I could suspend disbelief for that.

Please someone tell me I'm not the only one, so I don't feel like I have an overly morbid imagination! :P

ANYHOO, given the severed arm thing, I could believe blood spraying across the room. My father (firefighter) got called out to an accident. A bloke had virtually all of his arm hacked off by a piece of machinery. There was JUST enough of a stub left that his work buddy was able to slip his belt around it as a tourniquet. Of course, the machinery caused much of the bloody state of the scene (there was nothing left of the arm- it was sprayed everywhere), but the guy's stub was like a water gun. His buddy's hands were going white from the amount of force he was using to hold the belt in place to stop him from bleeding out. Shifting ever so slightly caused the bloke's arm to spurt blood with impressive force. Spurt per heart beat.

So this is a long way of saying that if Pastor-dude sliced his arm off (I could get behind that), then he absolutely could use the blood spray as a weapon of sorts.

But then we hit a new problem- sever your arm without a proper tourniquet, and you'll probably bleed out in a couple minutes, tops. And you certainly wouldn't be standing and interacting with people (or jumping out of a window) during those two minutes. You'd be on the ground pretty quick. Unless the Pastor is some sort of super human.

This was all going through my head while I was reading. When I read on, the Pastor cut his arm again, pretty much confirming what the editors stated about the lack of severity of the wound.

But then we find out he is super human after all. I'd be rejigging things for maximum effect. Could help to transition us into his badassery.


I could very well be full of it, too.
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