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Selkirk will become famous soon enoughSelkirk will become famous soon enough

Thumbs up

thanks so much for the comments and crits everyone

@renae thanks for the kind words ...and good eye. i have been going a bit overboard with the breasts lately-i think im overcompensating(i was drawing them too low/saggy before). good crit and definitely noted, i think just drawing smaller breasts will fix some of this...and i will keep in mind going forward.

@jmy thanks for the comments. and yeah man i really had fun with that doom..and really nice compliment-and i definitely draw(or try too ) some of my sensibility from heavy metal artists(and i love moebius...loved his great design and balance of subtlety and power-tremendous artist)

@charged thanks for the comments and crits-yeah im working at the age thing(to a degree i think i will probably draw 'older' looking characters-not alex ross old but maybe more mature)'s a good point about the lines. and valid point about posture-some of this is comfort level with the faces,i know i can draw that type of face and the figure follows-but im working on 'up' angles like a lunatic here.

and a few more sketches
bridi scout ambushed

orcish high priestess

supergirl redesigned as a space explorer named starchild

aquaman as a woman

aquaman as a woman faces...added some shark like teeth to make her more 'aquatic' -the first one where she is all scarred up...she was hit by a depth charge by the us navy
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