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Wanted: Character Concept Art (Possibility of pencils/inks/colors)

My name is Ryan Burst. Some of you may be familiar with me as the moderator of /r/ComicBookCollabs where I promote indie comic creation and the collaborative process. I have an 8 page short coming out in an anthology later this year (not this project, just some past work), as well as a few minor projects still in the works. I can provide referrals from several artists if you would like. As an aside, if you do recognize me, I'd appreciate if you kept this project quiet from the rest of the community.

I have a book I am working on and am looking for a concept artist to help me kick things off. I have included a few details on the project below and would love to work with someone who thinks this may be an interesting project. I will eventually be looking for a full page artist(s) and would consider it a bonus if you are interested in the project beyond concept art.

The Position
If you are interested, please email me at ryanburst@gmail.com and answer the following questions:
  • How long does a concept typically take you?
  • What kind of revisions do you allow?
  • What are your favorite genres to read?
  • Why do you work on this project?
  • Do you have questions for me?

"You wouldn't believe it. They make sure you don't."

Arthur Pendragon, no longer worthy of Excalibur, and Cindy, a world class thief and conwoman, team up when the Bureau of Extraordinary Affairs catches wind of someone amassing items of power.

Kingmaker has all the secret world-saving adventures of Men in Black, right after it gets punched in the face by Grimm Fairy Tales. This fantastical spy fiction revisits classic fairy tales, myths, and legends against the backdrop of a modern world and an agency that works at keeping humankind none the wiser to the dangerous world of stories come to life. We follow Arthur, a broken, tired, shell of the man he once was and Cindy, his foil and pain-in-the-ass, as they both struggle with issues of identity and redemption.

What I'm looking for
I am looking for concept work for the two main characters, Arthur and Cindy. More details about them and what I have in mind for them to be included once we agree to work together.

I am specifically looking for a model/expression sheet (one for each character). Only one of the angles (front) needs to be colored. I would prefer to have it delivered on a transparent layer so they can be used against different backgrounds and for different promotional materials.

I am open to styles, as the overall tone and style for the book has not yet been finalized, but since the end result will be a comic I am not currently looking for full 3D renderings or a "realistic" style.

The Job
My target price point is $50 per model sheet but that is completely negotiable. As mentioned in the next section, if you feel like this is a project you would like to be a part of beyond just the model sheets, I would be more than happy to consider working something out. Especially if you are interested in helping me establish the design identity of the book.

Payment will issued through PayPal (or other if you need to work something else out) no more than 15 days after you have delivered the final files (high quality, transparent background images) to a dropbox or Google Docs folder.

Bonus Round
I would consider it a bonus if you were interested in working on the actual pages. The script is not yet completed, which is why I am not officially looking for a full time penciler, inker, or colorist, but if the concept art and the art for the book are done by the same person all the better. I do have a pitch document completed with more information on the book. As mentioned above, if you are interested in this, I would be happy to negotiate terms - even more so if this book sounds like something you'd wish to be a part of as a means of creation rather than just a paycheck. Things like intellectual property rights and a trade of services (I am a web developer) are also things I'd be willing to chip in to find a reasonable place for us to both work.

Thank you and I look forward to reading your emails!

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Thank you everyone who submitted. I have found someone to work with and am closing this post. I sincerely apologize if I was unable to respond to you personally.

The talent I received was amazing and I hope to work with more of you in the future.

Good luck everyone!
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comic book artist wanted, concept art, illustrator, model sheet

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