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Little Update

Originally Posted by NJSParrow View Post
Name: Yenny Coll

Website: https://twitter.com/#!/YennyColl

Email Address: ylc.njsparrow@gmail.com (Natalie Jean Sparrow is my pen name)

A Little About Yourself: I have been telling stories since I could talk. I am a college student and I currently write for ComicBooked.com where I have my own column spotlighting awesome Kickstarter projects. I have never written a comic script but I'm eager to try and I have some ideas.

Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: Nope, unfortunately, but I own and love Heroic.

Sample of Work: I am currently working on a short story called "Dreaming in Snow" that I might make into a comic upon its completion. You can also find samples of my writing on Comic Booked's website (http://www.comicbooked.com/avengers-...t-black-widow/). For Womanthology though, I have a great short story in mind about the strained relationship between sisters; one is a police officer who is constantly trying to bust her little sister out of trouble.
Just wanted to add my new blog on here for more sample work.


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Writer Sign Up

Name: Ana Gonzalez

Website: None

E-mail: anagonzalez@bellsouth.net

About me: Ever since i was young i could come up with stories and i would tell them to my family and friends. I have a wide imagination and i can create legends of the top of my head.I love to write fictional stories about imaginary things, tales of adventure, and secret mysteries. I am also an great artist.

Worked on a Womanthology Project Before?: No but i am excited to begin my first project.

Example of Work: When a orphan young girl is forced to live in the dark alleyways of the city, she begins to imagine a world of wonder and creates a paradise of her own.
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Writer's Secondary List Submission!

Hello everyone! New here and uncovered Womanthology yesterday. I've eagerly been awaiting my sign-up confirmation on this site. Not sure if things are closed for the project already but I'll put myself out there anyway!
I'm amazed by the magnitude, popularity and concept of this project and I am so excited women are being pushed and supported to pursue their creative interests. Very exciting times. Can't wait to get my copy and see what others are doing!

Name: Oleene Perera

Website: oleeneperera.com

Email Address: oleene.perera@gmail.com

A Little About Yourself: I'm a 4th year film student in Southern CA, hoping to graduate in December. I have some camera operator(DSLR) work under my belt, I've done some on-screen stuff but the passion lies in directing and writing. I'm 60% through a fantasy/"dream" script and I've finished and indie-published my children's book on global warming(but unfortunately haven't promoted it). My favorite piece is a comic book script for Raven. I entered it into a Viper Comics contest in 09 but auto-disqualified because mine wasn't a self-contained story.

Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: I have not! It's now definitely a writing goal of mine.

Sample of Work: Two friends find themselves the last surviving members of their alien race after the nearest star goes supernova, destroying everything around them. Somehow they survive and must now seek to rebuild. Many space adventures to follow with comedy and heart.
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Hi, I was at the Womathology panel at Comic Con and felt truly inspired by this project. Reading it has been awesome, and Ma'at encouraged me to sign up and try to become a part of it.

Name: Marcela Vargas

Website: giroscopiotornasol.blogspot.com // lahoralibre.com.mx

Email Address: bosque.de.sombras@gmail.com

A Little About Yourself: I am a mexican journalist fresh out of college. I have been writing and reading since age 4, everything from novels (not writing those yet!) and short stories to comics and movies. I've done quite a bit of script writing because of college (a couple short films, music videos, featured news stories), and have been published in a few short stories anthologies by indie editorials in Mexico (the most recent was Stories of The Stories, with my short fiction The Vanishing, on Editorial El Ermitaño). I currently report on music, movies, technology, and books both as a freelancer and as a member of a Latin American magazine named Gatopardo (gatopardo.com). I also started a blog with my best friends that covers movies, tech, comic books, sci fi and fantasy literature, TV, and your general geeky subjects (it's in spanish and we named it La Hora Libre).

Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: Nope. I would love to.

Sample of Work: A teenager violently loses her twin sister, and attempts to come to grips with the pain by adopting her personality and slowly becoming her dead sibling.
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Bring a bard to the party?

Name: Kiri Callaghan

Website: http://kiricallaghan.com

Email Address: me@kiricallaghan.com

A Little About Yourself: I'm a passionate story-teller who just started getting her toes wet when it comes to publishing. I've always been (perhaps overly) ambitious so self-publishing made sense. I have a collection of short stories and a One-Act Play (That was produced by a local theater company, see youtube) currently available on Amazon.

Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: No, but I've been really excited about the idea since I heard of it!

Sample of Work: After her grandmother's death, Eris is charged with clearing out the old magic shop and its assets to prep for sale--but she's about to find a lot more than fake crystal balls and collapsible top-hats.
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Name:Sophia Jones

Website: www.distractedeasily.blogspot.com Not actually a writing blog, just where I voice my opinions but maybe you can get a feel for my style!

E-mail: flyingkitties20@gmail.com

About me: I'm a teenager who loves to write, mainly short stories. I like all things science fiction and fantasy and read carzily. I'm also a sewer.

Worked on a Womanthology Project Before?: Nope but would LOVE to!

Example of Work: When a young girl moves to an old mansion she realizes she may have gotten more than she bargained for when ghosts begin to appear.
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Name: Ronnie Massey

Website: http://www.ronniemassey.com/

Email Address: hathor422@yahoo.com

A Little About Yourself: I'm a 35 yo, published author from SC. Most of my work is paranormal, fantasy, or SCi-fi. Two of my titles, Crimson Dawn and UnBound, were published by Copperhill Media. The rest are self-published. I've been a comic collector since I was a teenager and I'm also a collector of body art. Aside from writing, I also draw, but don't dedicate as much to drawing as I do writing. Most of my tattoos are self-done. Recently I've decided to combine my love of writing with comics and have started adapting one of my novels into comic format. I'm still in the early stages, but I just found an artist to work with so my fingers are crossed that we'll produce an awesome comic.

Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: No but I'm hopeful and eager to do so.

Sample of Work: They exist. Somehow these two little words don’t seem like enough to make the masses believe, but it’s true. The vampire, the werewolf, the mind-reader, the mind-breaker, and the superhuman strength of the strong man, they’re all real. Alive and kicking, and no matter what unique gift they happen to possess they all call themselves the same name-Ecomancer. Soon one woman will rise from obscurity to lead them all.
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¡I dreamed a Space story this morning!

Ma'at Crook
Web: maatcrook.com
Email: maat@maatcrook.com
Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: yes

When the woods, a common hang-out for a town's teens, is invaded by moth-like aliens, ostracized and misunderstood Riley has a choice to keep running or stop to fight for the lives of those who have never respected Riley.

Brief Summary
Gender-queer teen, Riley, is hanging out with friends and struggling with a conversation about the pronoun "they" with their best friends Quinn and K'Den. Their conversation is interrupted when the woods they are in are invaded by large moth-like, pink, smiling aliens. With one touch from these aliens people become their willing servants who capture others and bring them to a clearing where the alien space craft waits. When K'Den is turned and captures Quinn, Riley runs away and continues to hide from flittering pink in the darkness and other alien servants. Covered in mud, dust, and leaves Riley becomes almost undetectable and, it turns out, impervious to the aliens' touch. And after accidentally killing an alien, Riley learns that the aliens are as vulnerable to injury as Earthly moths. With this knowledge Riley frees their friends and others (both captured and turned), and sends the aliens flying away from Earth. In the end Riley's friend K'Den thanks them and announces to everyone, "This is my friend Riley! They saved us! They're a hero!"
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Name: Ashley Davis


Email Address:demonslayer6661224(at)yahoo(dot)com

A Little About Yourself: I'm a young horror/fantasy writer. I just started my first manga a few months back after I saw Hellsing and that hell Twilight. My love for Hellsing and hate for Twilight made me come out of retirement and write a new vampire story. I have been writing since I was 12 and it is my deepest passion.

Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: Nope I'm brand new to the site.

Sample of Work: How sweet the blood of the innocents is hahahahaha! With all the bullshit going on I can't wait to run free in the night again! Soon very soon the demon shall dance in the moon light again and make the shadows twist to her every whim. Slowly making the unbelievers into a much needed meal....
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Tiffany Babb

Name: Tiffany Babb

Website: tiffanyebabb.com

Email Address: tbabb0621@gmail.com

A Little About Yourself: I'm a Los Angeles based writer, and I love to write comics!

Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: No

Sample of Work: An reformed-thief is on a mission to replace everything she has ever stolen when she finds out that one of her past marks has placed a bounty on her head.
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Name: Tini Howard

Website: tinihoward.tumblr.com, tinihoward.com

Email Address: tini.c.howard@gmail.com

A Little About Yourself: I won the Top Cow 2013 Talent Hunt, and will have my issue of Artifacts published by Top Cow this year. I can't believe I wrote a comic featuring Witchblade and the Magdalena, and it's going to be published!

Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: Nope, but Womanthology: Heroic was gifted to me by a friend and it it so inspiring to me.

Sample of Work: This was my pitch for a recent Kickstarter that didn't come to fruition:

"Hannah Traeger was one of the galaxy's most renowned nanobiologists until her team's work with prions got personal. Traeger's team died to the last – except for her. Mysteriously, Hannah is but a carrier. The same is not true for Apollo, her infant son.

Hannah's desperate for a cure, desperate for answers, and desperate for a way to pay for her son and her to live on. Robbing a bank or a tavern can be tricky, but no one's ever armed in a laboratory.

Apollo is the sole mammal in the galaxy infected with Transmissible Protein Epilepsy. He is a time bomb, a suicide vest, a pistol aimed and ready. Strapped to his mother's chest and clad in a tiny bio suit, the galaxy's most dangerous weapon can't even walk yet.”
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Cmsmith4252 will become famous soon enoughCmsmith4252 will become famous soon enough

Name: Chelsea M. Smith

Website: www.wideopenspaces.com (not my personal website but it's where most of my publications are.)

Email Address: cmsmithchelsea@yahoo.com

A Little About Yourself: I am a 24 year old graduate of Texas A&M University and want to write for everything. Currently, I am chiefly a journalist and short romance writer in the process of writing and revising a screenplay and middle grade novel, but I have always loved comics and would love to break into them.

Worked on a Womanthology Project before?: No.

Sample of Work: The thing about working about for a mad scientist was that, sometimes, you just had to roll with the punches. Even if the punches were coming from a two foot tall robot modified from a toaster. Between that monstrosity, the amorous AI, and the increasing anger of a fed-up population, Carol finds herself thinking she should have taken the HR job in the big city when she had the chance.
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Name: Katy Rex

Website: www.endoftheuniversecomics.com

E-mail: katy@endoftheuniversecomics.com

About me: I'm a writer who has experience primarily as a reviewer (Comics Bulletin, Bloody Disgusting, Capeless Crusader), and have a graphic novel (Strange Wit) coming up as well. I am the founder of End of the Universe Comics, a website that talks to both comic creators and people who study comics as an academic topic. I have my degree in English Literature and I have always focused specifically on graphic literature, writing my thesis on apocalyptic narratives in Channel Zero and Y: The Last Man. I also write academic papers about comics for pop culture conferences, most recently in Rhode Island (NEPCA, November 2014) and Chicago (PCA/ACA, April 2014).

Worked on a Womanthology Project Before?: No, but I dig the hell out of the series and I would love to be a part of something so cool.

Example of Work: Sometimes your big teen rebellion isn’t what you want it to be; Elaine and Ophelia see themselves as a modern-day Romeo & Juliet, but they’re discovering that Romeo & Juliet wasn’t a healthy relationship and they’re more in love with the idea than with each other.
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