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Writer looking for collaborative artist

Well a little about myself, my nameís Trevor Talbott and Iíve self published three books through Kickstarter (Child Number Four, Datura, and Eclipse).

I have a Western/Cowboy/Outlaw book thatís currently untitled. Itís about an ex-wanted outlaw turned family man who is haunted by the ghosts of his victims.

His wife and son are murdered by his ex-gang and before theyíre able to kill him, his 13 year old daughter comes to his rescue and kills the would be assassin- causing her to now be haunted by the ghost of this old outlaw.

He and his daughter set out to get revenge and pay for his past life.

I also have a sci-fi drama titled Re:Generation.

Earth explodes into pieces due to nuclear war and chunks are floating through space until they land on what would be equal to outer spaces oceanic floor.

On this new world, people from earth are regenerated to the age based on the primal age of the bone structure of each human. So if a child at the age of 12 died on earth, theyíd reguvenate to that age. But someone who died at say age 98 would come back as a 26-32 year old. This also means extinct animals such as dinosaurs also coexist on this plant.

Now as fantastical as this idea is, the heart of the story is of this man, his wife, and his stepdaughter. At the time Earth exploded, this man was in his 90ís. His wife died years before while his stepdaughter died young at the age of 5 or so. He awakens on this new land alone and suddenly in his 20ís again. Well his chunk of earth just landed, while the chunk his wife and stepdaughter were on landed there already.

Heís reunited with his wife, but his stepdaughter has been taken by another community. See, you also donít age or die on this world (well there are ways to die but just not of old age) so kids are extremely valuable to some because people also cannot create new children. Thereís also another twist, our main characters wife has already reunited with his first husband and the biological father to his stepdaughter creating an odd love triangle in the midst of putting together a plan to save their daughter.

Email if interested in one of the stories

Trevor N Talbott (@) g mail. Com
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