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Smile Original Character Art, reference used

Hello, everybody
Here I am showing my art once again, trying to get critics so I can improve.
For this on, I used this reference: http://poisongrin.deviantart.com/art/The-Wall-33840090 and used this pencils: http://jeffrettalyn.deviantart.com/a...rt-2-323844513

So, how's this one? I think I might be improving, but I'm sure I'm not there yet, so here I am looking for opinions of people who know better

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The rock needs some hard edges. That is the texture of rock, and it's close to us.

Proportion wise.... not too sure.
Is the main character a female women or child?
Not clear to me by her proportions, large hands etc.

The moon is a photo right? If it is, maybe you should desaturate it abit and play with the sharpness/focus etc.
Very sharp (for a distant object) and getting a lot of my attention.
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I like that you didn't follow the camera angle in the reference photo and moved it more to allow the viewer to see more of the character's left.

That being said, it is important to take photo references only as a "visualization" tool to help you achieve "believable" and good poses for your figures. You need to refine and "correct" the reference so that it reads right with the viewer even though photo reference is technically accurate. At the end of the day, what we do as artists in this industry, is not really to re-produce anatomically accurate figures but really to "cartoon" the figures in a way that makes sense and is aesthetically appealing to our intended audience. For eg, her butt should be rounder and not a straight cut down even though it's pressed against the rock wall. In the reference, it seems that way, but you can still make out a round-ness to the butt. In fact, I would say to emphasis more on the roundness because it makes for a more appealing and "sensible" figure.

You "cartooned" the torso to be slimmer and more "s" shape, so why not do the same for the butt area?

Anatomically wise, you need to watch for the distance between the neck and the right deltoid. Also, the right shin that is foreshortened towards the back needs work. Both feet also need work to look more believable.

Your hands are pretty nicely done even though they look a bit too large for females but at least, I can see the structure there. The torso to the hips look good so good job on those parts.

I would recommend you to start with just lineart drawings first and think about painting/coloring later when your drawings have improved to a level where it is good. Otherwise, you may find yourself spending a lot of time rendering something that's not working and end up accumulating bad habits that will hinder your growth.

Also, about the cartooning part, it is highly recommended that you study proper anatomy and learn to draw human figures from life first before even going about to stylise it.
I'm a comic artist based in Singapore and I run my own self publishing imprint called Irrational Comics. Feel free to check out my works here: https://irrationalcomics.wordpress.com/
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