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Writer seeking Artist for 4-6 page short for LGBT Anthology

This is for the Crush Anthology, which currently has an open call for submissions. It is a collaboration project between Prism Comics and Stacked Deck Press. They are specifically looking for new, up and coming LGBT creators to submit. So artists without extensive portfolios of published work are preferred.

Link to the full anthology submission guidelines:

My ideal collaborator:
comfortable with doing some really abstract panels and transitions. Please have some examples of sequential art in your portfolio. Like the anthology specifies, LGTQAIU identified creators are preferred but it's not a firm line in the sand so long as you are more than just 'comfortable' with drawing queer content. I can hire lettering separately so there is no need to worry about that.

Quick turn around on samples:
The submission period ends on 11/22, so there would need to be a quick turn around on the sample artwork. Please be up front and honest on your ability to make that deadline. I know that's coming up fast and artwork takes time.


a) Sample art: I can negotiate a price for that since submissions are not guaranteed to be accepted, so you would at least be compensated for your samples in the case that this does not get accepted.

b) Final artwork: They pay a base rate of $25/page with the possibility of an increase based on the success of the Kickstarter campaign for it. I am open to negotiating the split on this, but my primary concern is getting a solid portfolio piece so thew majority if not all of this will go to the artist. Please be up front if additional payments would be necessary.

My Idea:
Alix and Warren are both young college freshmen boys who are fast approaching the inevitable end of summer, and with it--their relationship. They both know this, and yet they leave it unspoken. The setting of the comic will open (and eventually close) on the back lawn of an outdoor concert as the boys each take a hit of ecstasy. As the crowd fades away and their high takes over, Alix begins to see their relationship for what it is. The ground shatters beneath them like the windshild of a car and they fall. Alix struggles with recognizing Warren for having coaxed him out of his own shell, but realizes he's in too deep with Warren's usse of harder drugs. The clarity of euphoria will parallel the powerful feelings of infatuation mistaken for love.
As the effects of the drug fade away they are forced to face the impending break up. It's a story of the choices we make that stick with us and shape us for the rest of our lives.

For the sake of comparing it to two familiar properties: Alice in Wonderland meets a queer take on Garden State minus the 'happy' ending. Script is not final yet, but I have a more detailed outline available for the next step.

Please email me with links to any portfolio materials:

For samples of my writing work:
My website: danielstalter.com
My ongoing comic series: dreamcrashercomic.com
Daniel Stalter
Writer of Dream Crasher
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