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Rob Norton
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NEXT project. what would it even be?

now..not that this will even be a thing for a while...IF we decide to do anything...

but if we choose to start up another project... what could it possibly even be?

what would be a concept that intrigues all parties and gives enough flexibility and freedom to let all kinds of differing writers and artists creative control to do what would interest them but STILL come together as some kind of cohesive single story or some type.?

that's why I came up with the story/plot structure of the Hellboy project, where we all are doing the same character but having him able to meet up with literally anyone anywhere, therefor making it interesting (hopefully) to anyone involved.

so what could the next one be? another different indie character to focus on? matt wagners Grendel? Larsens Savage Dragon? Mcfarlanes Spawn? of course these are all superhere types and that may not appeal to everyone, but it probably appeals to most of us. but how could we make a project that everyone wants in on?

from an artistic point of view, I always thought it would be fun to gather several artists and have us all REdraw a horrible Liefeld book. cause, why not embarrass ourselves? I always thought about just trying this on my own, but then i thought it would be fun to have a bunch of us work on it. but this certainly wont appeal to everyone and definitely not writers cause theres nothing to do.. so.. forget I mentioned all that..

what about us all putting together an anthology book of our own short stories? hell..some of us probably might have stuff already good to go. it could be a DIGITALWEBBING anthology of creator owned short stories. put together in PDF, length may not matter. this idea appeals to me cause we could all show our own stories and ideas, from us creators from this site. so..maybe..

but I also VERY much like the idea of a single sorta cohesive story that has a singular character to focus on and we follow his/her/their adventure. just like the xmen projects(sorta) and very much like Hellboy.

what if we picked a FEMALE character as the main focus this time...? Laura Croft? Witchblade? Red Sonja? I don't know...

OR..we could hold a raffle, or contest for the writers, and have a winner of SOME type, and the winning writer gets to write an entire 24 page (or more) story and all us artists draw it in pages handed out in sections. we would still have to choose a character/story setting/ concept... lots to figure out. hell..we discussed this before, maybe we could CREATE a NEW character that's to be shared with all of Digitalwebbing, and this writer who wins the contest (or whatever) gets to write the first story. could be tricky to pull of but could be fun.

anyway...just thinking of FUTURE possibilities. and everyone here seems to have gone on SILENT now that the project has basically wrapped up. and I just want to keep things talking and alive.

looking forward to seeing what you all think...

My art here...for anyone that wants to see..
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