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[paid] looking for a sequential artist/inker for a dark historical graphic novel.


NOTE: This is the fourth time I have posted this ad on this site. First time on September 22nd 2014, then on JUNE 7th 2015 and again in September of 2015, each time I hired new and talented artists to work on my project and it is advancing nicely with 150 pages completed. But as my project is really big and I have different artists working on separate chapters, I would like to add yet another artist (pencil+ink) to the team to start a new chapter.

** NOTE: If you've already submitted to my previous ads, please feel free to send me your latest sequential pages since the last job request and to tell me that you are available to work now.

My name is Maurice Devereaux, and I'm looking for a sequential artist for my graphic novel project currently entitled ROYAL BLOOD, a Game of Thrones style historical epic based on true events from 16th century Scotland, which chronicle King James V1 involvement with the notorious Sawney Bean cannibal clan. I have done 2 years of extensive historical research that shall make the project unique. It will be controversial and explore blind faith, religion and political corruption. THE PROJECT WILL BE FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY AND INCLUDE GRAPHIC SCENES OF VIOLENCE, RAPE, INCEST, SEX, CANNIBALISM, MURDER, TORTURE AND NUDITY. Artists must be comfortable dealing with this kind of dark and edgy material.

The graphic novel is an adaptation of my novel that is 450 pages long and should translate to roughly between 15 to 20, 25-30 page chapters. I will work with the chosen artist on a page per page basis (hopefully 2-3 pages per week) and if satisfied, we will continue up until the completion of a chapter. More chapters will follow if the collaboration goes well.

Realistic and detailed with a dark edge.
It is a period piece with castles, horses and costumes that need to look authentic. I have done lots of research and will furnish the artist with lots of reference materials, but the artist must be motivated to do detailed, accurate work. I am a fan of “old school” comic artists such as Berni Wrightson, John Byrne, Barry Windsor Smith, Neal Adams, but am willing to consider other styles.

The project will be self-funded and eventually self-published, but is fully financed. Work on the pages can start as soon as an artist is chosen (evaluation of new candidates will probably take 2 weeks).

This project will require signing a “work for hire” contract.

Work method: For each page, I will furnish artist detailed panel descriptions breakdowns, photos and period paintings of costumes, furniture, locations etc. As well as in some cases, a JPG with temporary layout guide with lettering and sometimes rough stick figures drawings (accompanied by many image references of costumes/architecture/furniture etc). I know this method is unusual but as a film writer/director and editor I am very visual and know what I want to see in each page. Artist must be comfortable working in this manner.

I am willing to pay $150 (Canadian dollars) for pencils/inks per page.

Payments will be made via PAYPAL, 50% after approval of the finished pencils and the balance of 50% on delivery of finished inked page in a high resolution print ready TIFF file (exact format to be determined).

Each payment will be made within 2 business days of approval of finished work. The other artists I have been working with on this project will be able to vouch for my reliability when it comes to my fast payments and if hired, I shall give you their e-mails, if you wish to get their referrals.

If you are interested, please email:


with the subject line "Graphic Novel Artist submission" and the following information:
1-Your name and country.
2-Jpg of at least 10 pages of your very BEST SEQUENTIAL SAMPLES and 10 of your MOST RECENT sequential samples. (Confidentiality is assured if the work is still unpublished or completed.)
**NOTE: I create files on each artist who submits so you make my life and decision on who to hire much easier when you send me your best stuff directly by e-mail. Or else, I have to go rummage through your website and find stuff to fill the dossier file on you, this is time consuming and I may be missing some of your better work, by lack of time and this might affect my decision. So please, take the time to send me your best stuff.
3-A link to your website or deviantart page to see more of your artwork.
4-Character design samples.
5-Biography of your published work.

Any other information you can provide will be appreciated, but please only submit appropriate materials.

Applications without sequential art samples will not be considered.

If you have any questions about the story or job, please include them in your response.

**Finalists may be asked to do a test page as part of the application process. If chosen to work on the project, the test page will be paid at the agreed upon page rate, if not chosen there will be no compensation.

Artist Requirements
Easy and constant access to internet and must respond quickly (within 24 hours) to any e-mails and be able to download huge reference photos and files.
Available to work now and for upcoming months.
Professional attitude
Ability to meet deadlines (excuses for not delivering work after agreeing on delivery dates will not be tolerated, except for exceptionally convincing valid reasons.)
Understands and speaks English fluently
Capacity to complete at least 2 pages per week, but if artist can do more that would be great.
Ability to do own inking.
Experience with creating rough page layouts.
Experience drawing realistic characters and very beautiful women, horses, ability to do detailed period costumes and environments in a historically accurate 16th century medieval setting.
At ease with mature/adult content.

I am a writer/director. My last feature film was a horror film called END OF THE LINE (it was no blockbuster but it was well received).
You can view the TRAILER here:

Here is a article about my project when if was called ROYAL DEMONS
that appeared in FANGORIA magazine, with some samples pages from a previous artist who had to leave the project after 5 pages of work, which have since been redone.


The cover and some interior splash pages for each chapter will be done by my friend and very talented artist Donald Caron.

Good luck and thank you for your time.
Kindest Regards,
Maurice Devereaux
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