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DW PROJECT concept selection discussion

so this idea could die if it isn't pushed along by someone. and I seemed to have some success with this historically for this site. I actually find it fun and interesting to do.

SO... like Ed said..."please don't let this die".

in the spirit of that mindset, I figured I would help keep pushing this idea along. I firmly believe that there needs to be kind of 1 guy that is..for lack of a better word..the project lead on these things. someone that coordinates these, communicates with everyone, takes the responsibility of gathering the talent, handing out sections(or whatever), making sure it gets stored somewhere together, and keeps some kind of vague deadline to see it thru to the end.

I humbly offer to be that guy for this new project, if people would like to have me in that role again. IF someone else would rather take it, this isn't something that I own and would be willing to step aside if someone else wants to take it on. but I do kinda take ownership of it seeing that I kinda find it fun and have done it the last 3 times.

but in that ownership role, someone eventually has to decide what the IDEA will be...in theory its a concept that makes MOST people happy and gives them enough freedom to do what they want, BUT still have it come together as a kind of cohesive story of SOME type. which means we will have to decide on a concept, but not everyone will get to do what they may want to do. someone has to say..."we are doing THIS.." after much discussion.

but I don't want to sound like an overlord boss of everyone..(not that I think that's how ive ever been). I'm always open to feedback.

ANYway..to get this going...we need to decide on the CONCEPT.

what is this going to be?

I know there has been some discussion. I think that doing the PUBLIC DOMAIN characters is a great idea personally. because there are lots of characters out there with an interesting enough basis that can be remade however the creators WANT to make them... to be more modern and interesting and in a way..YOUR own creation now. I think that's a fun idea because it also makes it that you can still print publish any/all work you produce either on your own OR...we can print the book up in a big collection for ourselves if it comes out looking nice and we don't have to worry about copyrighted characters or logos. this could be OUR book

I personally think this is the way to go..

now..what to DO with the characters?

with the HELLBOY book, we had his story set up to have him send all over the multiverse so he could meet all kinda of other characters.

with this one..i think having something coming TO our characters could work. it still leaves LOTS of room for creators to do what the want and tell the kind of stories they want... but still has it linked together as a single story in a way. an INVASION story of some type. aliens or whatever.... this seems like a fun and workable concept to ME.

what do you guys think/suggest?

also, being that ED is putting together the DWPv3, but is still several months off from being worked on(he told me this directly), I think this could be a fun thing to work on as a group as a build up TO that project as well. keep us working and creating. making comics because they are FUN.

so..long post. please let me know what you think guys.

I want to get this one going sooner rather than later if we can get enough people interested and on board.

the Hellboy book came out so well. lets do it again. but BETTER. cause we can.

My art here...for anyone that wants to see..
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