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Looking artist for Heavy Metal magazine submission

Hi guys!

I'm looking for penciler or artist who also inks his/her work for Heavy Metal magazine submission. I'm professional comic book writer and inker and I've worked/I'm working with companies like Action Lab, Heavy Metal, Caliber Comics etc.
The story would be eight pages long and center around Finnish mythology. My plan is to pitch the story to Heavy Metal first and if it gets rejected, to Alterna Comics' It Came Out on a Wednesday or to Antarctic Press' Mangazine to get world wide distribution for the story.
If interested, please feel free to send samples to: hannu.kesola@gmail.com
Pay would be % from the profits that the story makes and the artistic team of course getting the biggest share

Here you can read three first pages from the story:

PAGE ONE (one panel)

Panel 1.
Our protagonist, Ukko, is in the woods with some of his Finnish friends, fighting about 15 crusaders. There have been casualties on both sides, but the Finns are badly outnumbered. That doesnít seem to bother Ukko, who cuts one crusader with his sword . The crusaders are mainly fighting with swords, but a bit further away are a few crusaders with crossbows.

Story: Hannu Kesola
Art: ????
Colors: ????
Letters: ????

The year 1150. The fist Swedish Crusade to southwest Finland.

The pagan Finns werenít receptive.

In the name of the God of War, Tursas, I command you to leave us alone! We will not accept your false god or the lie you call Christianity, so surrender or I will send you all to Tuonela!

PAGE TWO (five panels)

Panel 1.
As Ukko has just killed a crusader who is dropping to the ground, Ukko doesn't see that the crusaders armed with crossbows now have a clear shot at him. They are loading their crossbows. One of Ukko's fellow pagans is shouting to warn him.

Ukko, watch out!

Panel 2.
The crusaders fire.

Panel 3.
Two arrows hit Ukko's body. He is in pain.


Panel 4.
Ukko drops to his knees. In the background the crusaders are reloading their crossbows. The man who warned Ukko is being attacked by another crusader with swords, so he can't help Ukko.

UKKO (whisper):
I'm not finished. I must kill them all firstÖ I can't go to the Land of the Dead yet.

Panel 5.
Two more arrows hit him. He is dropping face down to the ground.

UKKO (mumbles):
I canít go to-- 

PAGE THREE (four panels)

Panel 1.
Ukko is now at Tuonela. He seems to be amazed by what he is seeing. He still has his sword and the arrows are still in his body. He is on the shore of the river of Tuoni. Tuonela is an island of death and we can see outlines of it in the far distance. The river is black and we see an outline of a small ferry coming with a figure guiding it that Iíll describe in more detail in the next panel. An important detail is a white whooper swan swimming in the lake. Overall Tuonela is a very dark place.

It is real. I knew that the crusaders were wrong!

Panel 2.
The ferry comes to shore. You can decide what the ferry looks like. It can be painted like a normal boat or ferry made of logs, but also may be made of bones or more creepy stuff. The ferryman is Tytti, daughter of Tuoni, the ruler of Tuonela. She should be wearing a robe, as Ukko is going to escape Tuonela later disguised as Tytti. How she looks is totally up to you. She is a young woman, but can be as creepy or rotten as you like.

Tytti, daughter of Tuoni, have you come to take me to Tuonela so that I can cross the death-dark river?

Yes, Ukko Hannunpoika. Arrows brought you to Tuonela and I will ferry you to the Land of the Dead.

Panel 3.
Ukko steps to the ferry. He looks like he is in a hurry.

Say no more, woman. I seek to meet your father, Tuoni, Ruler of the Underworld, as soon as possible.

Panel 4.
Tuoniís daughter pushes the ferry off the shore and they are on their way.

As you wish, brave warrior. Not often do I see men so eager to enter Tuonela.
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