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Seeking Content for Sunday Comics Showcases on Entertainment Website

My name is Jeremy Myers and I am the head writer/co-creator of an entertainment website called Live it Bad Ass that launched April 20th. I've also written and been involved with comic collaborations in the past. Successfully Kickstarted and completed a project called "The Circus of Reefer Madness", completed 40 pages of a book called "Kenny Junior", and have finished several one page and single panel comics as well as writing tons more scripts that haven't been touched yet.

Anyway, the website is something of a mix between The Onion, The Chive, Mad Magazine, and Heavy Metal. One of the things we are trying to do is a Sunday comics feature, and we need content because I am quickly running out of my own. We do favor low brow humor, but we also love to showcase good art. If anyone has completed projects that they wouldn't mind us running, I'd be stoked to take a look and see if it fits. You would of course retain all rights to the book, and I would gladly take it down for any reason in the future. When Sunday comic features are ran, we credit the artists involved and will link back to any page you want us to(Instagram, art pages, your other books, whatever). Hopefully Live it Bad Ass can grow into something where indie projects can be showcased. The site runs on Wordpress software, so I do need the images to be under 2.0 MB, but I can resize them myself if you don't feel like doing it.

If interested, please send emails to jeremydmyers1989@gmail.com I will gladly answer any questions regarding the features on this post. I am open to One pagers, single panels, recurring webcomics, 5 pagers, full length 22 pagers, whatever. I just want to bring people good content across a variety of niches, and comics are a personal favorite so I am definitely going to push them. So if you have any old completed projects laying around collecting dust, and you want me to run them, let me know. As far as the email, just sent me the title of the book and the artists involved, as well as websites you want me to link back to. Or just send me the book and I'll get back to you for details. Thanks guys!
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