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Kirby Ray
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Aspiring Writer Seeking Artist for Pitch

Hi there! I'm an aspiring comic book writer looking to break into the comics industry, but I need the help of a fine artist to get me there. I have a finished script that I want to submit to publishers, but most publishers will only take submissions in the form of finished pages. Since my best art looks like a drunken 5-year-old's, this is quite the problem.

Like I said, I have an entire, 24-page script ready. What I am looking for is someone who can help bring it to life, whether it's the whole or a piece. I do not have a preference for one style over another--what matters most is if you want to try your hand at this.

The comic is about a young man named Michael Meng who acts as a superhero named Phantasmic in his spare time before and after school. Phantasmic lives in a world full of superheroes and supervillains, so many that it's very likely that the person next to you on the bus or the lady at the cash register at McDonald's could have superpowers. It's a satire of the over-saturated genre, and just what life is like for someone that doesn't have the universe revolve around them.

Here are the details:

* This is NOT A PAID JOB. I cannot offer you money at this time, only the opportunity to get your work out there for editors to see.

* However many pages you can/want to complete is up to you. The standard is at least five pages (plus cover mock-up), inked and lettered. If you want to stop at five, that is perfectly fine. If you want to do twenty-four, that is perfectly fine.

* This does not have to be a one-person job! If you are skilled at inking but not lettering, or vice-versa, we can make this a team effort. The more the merrier, and all that.

* There is no deadline for this, but I am looking for someone who can be timely with their work. When this becomes a published book, it will need to meet a schedule, and I need to know that whoever works on this is punctual.

If you know anyone that would be interested in this, please link them to this thread! Spread the word, alert the media! Let's do this!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope I have your curiosity and attention. If you have any questions, please send me an email at kbahr90@att.net
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