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What about taking place in the Ready Player One universe? That way you can do whatever kind of mashup you like and it doesn't require an expansive backstory as to why it's taking place.
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Facundo Ezequiel
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Here's my idea for this project, it might not be perfect but it is.

Project Codename: Alan Moore of Earth

Alan Moore uses his magic to open a gateway to other realities through his mirror to get in touch with the other Alan Moores and exchange ideas, like he usually does, but this time something goes wrong and there's no other Alan Moore to be found on the other side of the mirror.

A kid's voice is heard through the mirror, pleading for help: "Help us, Alan Moore of Earth!"

Alan Moore leans into the mirror to better see... and the trip begins.

He stares through this window into infinite realities folding into each other, merging, collapsing, clashing... (This are of course the different stories where you can do whatever the heck you want as long as is interesting enough and at one point we can see a flabbergasted Alan Moore peeking through his mirror).

"Fuck! I quit!" Says the bearded freak and he smashes the mirror into a million pieces.


Maybe not crazy enough, but I think it can work wonderfully.
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team up

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