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PAID: Writer seeking Colorist ($35/pg)

Hey, everyone. Iím James, and Iím looking for a colorist to come on board for an oversized first issue.

Basically, the situation is this: Over a year ago, I hired a colorist to do a 22 page first issue but then my artist and I decided that we wanted to combine the first and second issues. He got to work on the pencils and inks, but it took awhile to complete. By the time those pages were done, our colorist quit the biz.

So, we need someone who can come on and approximate someone else's work to a reasonable degree. Here are some samples of the finished pages.

This is a paid gig following your standard work-for-hire arrangement. I pay you for the work and then I retain the rights to the work though you can feel free to use whatever you create in your portfolio. If we get picked up by a publisher, Iíd be willing to revisit this. You would of course be credited on anything produced. Previous publishing experience is a definite plus but lack of experience wonít rule anyone out.

Payments would go thusly: you send me a low-res file that we've agreed upon as the completed work + invoice (if required), within 48 hours I send you payment (via PayPal), you send me high-res file. Rinse, wash, repeat. We can work in batches or on a page-by-page basis.

In addition to the story and the scripting, Iím also working as the creative director of this project: wrangling up interested parties and bringing them together as well as putting together submissions, securing feedback, and writing writing writing.

Without giving too much away, the story is a modern-day tale about revenge and justice. Our main character, a teenage Amish boy, witnesses his family burned alive in a botched SWAT eviction. He later begins to seek revenge on the officers involved. It has both moments of pastoral tranquility and bloody ultra-violence though thereís mostly the former in the first issue. The style I picture when I think of the art would be something distinctly western--no manga--with a focus on realism and the ability to show a characterís emotion through their expressions.

I don't have any previous comic publishing experience, but you can check out some nonfiction work that I did about my time living in China here.

Whew. Well, I think I've just about checked off all the little boxes needed to submit here. Hopefully all that didn't come off as too stuffy. I love comics, and I've been writing for a long time, but now is the first time in my life that I actually have some money set aside for the specific reason of hiring someone to help me create something awesome.

Please mail all submissions to tatumsmash@gmail.com

Links would be great, but I would ask that you please not submit any files over 1MB. Thanks for reading! I look forward to hearing from you all!
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Thanks to everyone who submitted. I'm going to close submissions on the 27th so that I can get through all of the wonderful art I've been sent so far and get back to people.
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