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Artist needed for Halfworld: The New Pioneers

Hello! My name is Andrew Jackson, and I'm the writer and publisher for Halfworld: The New Pioneers, and a number of other comics over the past couple of years.

Halfworld is a comic about half the earth being blown apart from a major accident and now humanity is living on the a giant superstructure built around the core of the earth. It's cyberpunk, it's romance, it's sci-fi, and it involves a lot of coffee and cocktails. Think Bladerunner mixed with Cowboy Bebop. I've been working on this for years, and I'd love to have someone help me with this vision!

This would not be a page rate situation at this time, however, I've made deals in the past with other artists about me supplying your materials, as well as many physical copies of the issues as you need, as well as 50/50 profit split from what I sell at cons. If you have other ideas on how I can pay you, I'd love to hear them.

Here's the latest issue:
And a review of that issue from comicsverse.com: http://comicsverse.com/?s=halfworld
And lastly, you can also see my other comics at www.newpioneercomics.com
A quick synopsis:
After a major accident 200 years ago, the Earth was split in half, and only by sheer ingenuity, hard work, and the driving spirit that only catastrophe can bring, were the humans of earth able to create the massive superstructure- a counterbalance so huge that it is able to balance the planet, restoring its rotational axis, and save humankind.
These amazing engineers, mechanics and diplomats were able to unite the survivors of earth into an unheard-of work force, and they devised ways of smelting the remnants of earth into useful metals, using the core of the earth. The superstructure was born, and humanity survived.
Now, the superstructure is crumbling. Humans are thriving on great cities built around the core of the Earth, but the old ways are quickly being forgotten. Humanity celebrated its triumphs for too long, and now it's people donít seem to care. The earth died, and they fixed it. Surely they can do it again?

Thanks for reading, best of luck, and please let me know what you think of Halfworld!
Andrew Jackson
email: a.marshalljackson@gmail.com
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Closed Thread

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