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The Infinites Scribe
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Post Visionary Artist(s) Needed for Visionary Superhero Comic


My name is David William Daniel Thomas and I am the Writer/Creator of Heroic Publishing's "The Infinites".

The Infinites is an independent superhero book underpinned by a Bronze Age ethos with characters drawn from multiple realities, alternate Earths, times and dimensions and even from Classical mythology and public domain supers (yeah Nedor!).

Within the scope of an Infinites story, any sort of setting or time frame is possible and the premise of the book allows for infinite possibilities, as it were. The action of the book takes place across a vast array of settings and the approach is modular and adaptable. Basically, if you love to draw gladiators we can do gladiators, or dinosaurs or greys or...you get the idea

The book has been on hiatus for a year or so while I have refined the story. In doing so I have spun out concepts for three one shots, all dealing with characters already introduced in the Infinites continuity and one dealing with an entirely new character in a related universe.

While refining the book, I have come to the realization that I will need an ongoing collaborator(s) and not simply a work-for-hire artist to proceed and to truly fulfill the promise of The Infinites. What I want is an artist with a stake in the book, the characters and the story. Vested interest. What I am offering is more than equal reward for equal risk.

Three of the one shots are bench marked for 36 pages or so. The other will be around 24.

If you have read The Infinites you know that the book is "widescreen" in its action and extraordinarily ambitious and unique in its vision. There is really nothing like The Infinites on the market. The Infinites is an Old School big idea, in short.

That being said what I need is one or two or even three visionary and dynamic pencilers wiling to invest time and talent to bring The Infinites back to the market. This is certainly a sweat equity partnership that I am proposing but I thoroughly understand that the reward should be commensurate and so am offering the lions' share of each project to the artist. That seems fair to me.

Stylistically the Bronze Age giants Byrne. Starlin, Adams and Kirby remain powerful influences on the visual vocabulary of the book.

So, if you are courageous and visionary and you know you have the chops to work as a pro at a pro level...and you want to jump into a BIG project and an amazing, iconoclastic and idiosyncratic cast and universe please message me. I would be pleased to answer any and all inquiries.

You can reach me at imaginautt08@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you.


David WD Thomas
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