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Looking for an Artist: Payment Negotiable

Hullo all!

I have written an issue - a self contained one shot that could be parlayed into more if successful - and am looking for an artistic partner. I say partner, and I mean it; though it is written full script, I'd hope whoever illustrates it changes whatever they need to to make it better.

Depending on your interest (and rates) we could work out either straight work for hire page rates, co-ownership and back-end pay or some combination thereof.

Previously a deal I've found that works is that the artist gets 100% of any money made from the sale of the comic (either as floppy, digital or GN) and 50% ownership of the concept/IP (in the case of any interest from other media). That said, I'd also be willing to pay up front for completion of the first 5 pages/design work, and then work out a deal from there contingent on reception from publishers.

The project I'd be interested in working with you on is called 'The Modern School'. This is a psychedelic romp about anarchists attacking the mythical collective unconsciousness of humankind. A lot of wild, psychedelic imagery in that one.

Here's the tease:

"Welcome to the Modern School. There are no buildings, no diplomas, no teachers. Here we are perpetual students, and there is only one lesson. The cost of attendance could be your life; the reward for attendance could be yourself. We are not training future bankers, lawyers, doctors; we are training soldiers, for a war fought in spaces where ideas drop like atom bombs."

"Welcome to the Modern School. Welcome to the world."

A little about myself; I'm a medical student taking time off to hopefully change career directions, having completed 3 years of a 4 year program at the Cleveland Clinic. A short 8 page story I wrote is to be published by Flux Comics UK's "Sci Fi Noir" anthology, and I have numerous sample scripts I can send your way in various stages of production. I keep a blog dedicated to generating story ideas and analyzing comics craft here and I've been named a semi-finalist for entrance into CBS's writers workshop for TV screen writers.

If interested, please email me at teslanikolai1@gmail.com.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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