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Seeking Penciler/Inker for Comic Book Pitch ($70/Page)


We’re two brothers looking for a professional artist to pencil and ink six pages, a cover, and a character design for our sci-fi comedy comic ERNIE THURMAN 3,000,000.


What if you were literally the worst version of yourself?

Ernie Thurman’s about to find out; estranged from his family, avoided by his neighbors, and newly unemployed, he’s approached by his doppelganger to inform him that interdimensional travel has been invented. And not just by anyone -- 2,999,999 Ernie Thurmans from 2,999,999 different dimensions have all devised the most significant scientific breakthrough in human history. And then there’s plain old Ernie, disinterested by this groundbreaking development and consumed by his own high-tech project that’s headed in the same direction as the rest of his life -- nowhere.

But as Ernie is exposed to the machinations of a realm far beyond any he could imagine, he begins to see the complications that arise when 3,000,000 versions of the same person attempt to coexist. Whether it’s struggling to abide by the protocols they’ve set for themselves, observing the denouement of a lifetimes worth of ‘what ifs,’ or learning that you really can’t trust anyone, not even yourself, Ernie and his cast of counterparts must grapple with the bizarre, the heartbreaking, and even life-threatening ramifications of their discovery.


We are looking for an artist with a similar style to Daniel Clowes, Matt Kindt, Emi Lenox (Plutona), and Rich Tommaso.

About The Job:

We would like to collaborate with an artist for an ongoing series. First, we would star with a character design of our main character, then move on to six pages and a cover, after that we would send it out to publishers and go from there. We would like the artist to pencil and ink, possibly color, if interested.

The artist will send us rough drafts of the pages so we can determine if any revisions (3 per page) need to be done.

Since this story takes place in multiple dimensions with different versions of the same person, we are looking for an artist to help build worlds with unique and sometimes similar, yet slightly different aesthetics. Same goes with our main character, Ernie Thurman; we need an artist who has the skill and patience to work on hundreds of different versions of our main character. The ability to draw everyday relatable comedic nuances is a big plus.

More about the long-term plans of this comic. As stated before, we will be doing six pages and a cover. Once this stage is finished, we will send it out to publishers. Depending on the success of the pitch we will base the next step on each publisher’s individual needs for a creative team. If we are unable to get picked up by a publisher, we will crowdfund the comic.

We have the first story arc (five issues) written and an outline for the series.


$70 per page for pencils and inks, and more if colors are agreed upon. $100 for the cover, and $50 for the main character design. $570 altogether. This is all negotiable.

Payment will be made via PayPal within three days after completion of each stage, the character design, six pages, and cover. The artist will send low res files, and we will send payment. After that, the artist will send high res 400 dpi TIf files. Payment method is negotiable.

To Apply:

If interested, email us at ErnieThurman3000000@gmail.com

Subject line “Ernie Thurman – Your Name.”

5-10 pages of your best sequential pages. Sci-Fi or comedy samples would be great, but not necessary.

You can also message us on Facebook and find more information about us at

Feel free to email us with any and all questions you may have.

- The Worth Bros.
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Thanks everyone for the submissions. We are still accepting emails, and have started contacting a few artists with some follow up questions.
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The position has been filled.
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