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Filler Art needed - Luchador: Way of the Mask - Pays

We have a book going to press shortly and are looking for several pieces of B&W Line art. The pieces will be used in Luchador: Masked Men of Mexico (http://spartacuspublishing.com/).

You will retain ownership and copyright of the physical piece. We are purchasing the rights for two uses. Once in this book and in a possible future compilation. We can offer $20 for each piece we use and will include a copy of the finished product. (You will be allowed to purchase additional copies of the book for $5, 33% of SRP.) We will compensate via Paypal upon receipt of the finished piece. Specific listings will follow but we are also looking for appropriate filler pieces.

The art should be black and white line art as appropriate for a game book. Typically we are looking for quarter page panels approximately 4x6". The art will need to be delivered digitally in at least 300 dpi. We will be doing final layouts ASAP. If you plan on submitting pieces please let me know which pieces as soon as possible at art@spartacuspublishing.com.

We also have some specific pieces in mind that we may contact you about if your style is appropriate to what we need. (e.g.Monster or Character specific pieces.)

Luchador: Way of the Mask is a role-playing game that allows you to take on the persona of a masked wrestler of your own design and grapple with the forces of evil. Inspired by the films of El Santo, Blue Demon, Los Campeones Justicieros and others this game embodies the thrilling adventure of the movies and the grueling action of the ring.

Art Specs
Unless otherwise noted all depictions of wrestlers should be generic masked Mexican wrestlers. Photo-referencing is fine as long as it does not cross the line into infringement.

Heroes of your campaign
We are looking for 3-7 pieces of Luchador (Super-Hero) action basically anything a suer-hero might engage in as long as they are a masked mexican wrestler.

Mexican Flag
A majestic depiction of the Flag of Mexico.

Mask of the Sun
Gold Aztec mask with a sun motif in a museum display.

Camilla Cano (Old and Young)
Two separate pics depicting the female Mad Scientist Dr. Cano. Think Selma Hayek. The older version might be wearing a frumpy lab coat ready to do SCIENCE! The younger version would have a styishly cut lab coat and a pistol on her hip.

Genetically engineered dog that stands 4 feet at the shoulder. Somewhere between a greyhound and great dane.

Konga, Gorilla Bodyguard
Konga is a massive mutant gorilla that a mad scientist developed as a bodyguard. Think Monsieur Mallah without the guns.

Juan the Handyman
former man of action now confined to wheelchair. However, he keeps his mechanic tools and a shotgun always at the ready

The following pieces are more involved and if you want to tackle them let us know. We can discuss greater compensation for them.

4th Reich
A modern Nazi super-villain addressing a rally of his troops. The Baron wears a Nazi unifiorm with the addition of a fur trimmed claok. His right arm and lower jaw are replaced with retro cybernetics that verge on being steampunk. He satnds before a banner with the German eagle design. A soldier in German Helmet and gas mask stands at one side. Rows of Shrouded soldiers salute him in blurry forground.

Daughter of Leviathan
Atlantean Female (Humanoid with gills, webbed heands, light scales) wearing a shark tooth necklace and weilding an evil-looking trident. She stands knee (or waist) deep in water surrounded by tentacles preparing to impale an approaching Luchador.

Trophy Hall
Think of a museum, The Batcave, or the Fortress of Solitude...rows of glass cases with strange memorabilia (Monkey's paw, suit of armor, exotic weapons, etc.

If you have any questions, or are interested in specific commissions, feel free to reach out to me at art@spartacuspublishing.com.

Thank you
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